Friday 1/12

This morning we feasted on French toast, bacon, and eggs before packing up the luggage and doing a quick clean of the cabins. Students will participate in our Jeopardy game and show what they learned this week. Students will “run the gauntlet” of staff high-fives on their way to the buses and we’ll give them a great send off.

Thursday 1/18

This morning we celebrated our breakfast of biscuits and gravy and packed our trail lunches to have out on the trails. Students will be doing botany and ecology lessons and getting ready for their last night here.  Tonight we are having our Skit Night, where the students and staff will be presenting their skits that they have worked on all week. It’s been a great week!

Wednesday 1/17

The students had a great breakfast with eggs, bacon, and potatoes. They are out on their activities this morning, including lessons in botany, geology, ecology, and even archery. After lunch we’re back out on the trails again before coming back for a dinner of fresh made pizza, and tonight is our famous Night Hike! It’s always one of the top experiences for our students and we’re excited to do that with the students.

Tuesday 1/16

This morning we welcomed Cloverdale, Newman, and Canyon View to Thousand Pines. We had our lunch together, with hamburgers, fries, and veggies, and the students went out on their teambuilding activities and opening lessons. Tonight is our famous Dance Night and the Opening Campfire program.  We are excited for this great week!