Thousand Pines Outdoor Science School offers four and five day programs where students learn the California State Science Standards in the outdoor classroom of the San Bernardino National Forest. Our program prides itself on meeting state standards while catering to fifth and sixth grade students from public, private, and Christian schools. Studies in botany, geology, astronomy, ecology, meteorology, and biology are brought to life by experienced staff on our many scenic trails. In addition to the academics, students will walk away with greater skills in communication, cooperation, and self-reliance encouraged through participation in team-building activities and the Confidence Course.



Our program provides a balanced approach to building an outstanding outdoor education experience for students.

CABIN LIFE with its shared responsibilities and camaraderie.

STUDY TRAILS use the natural setting of the forest environment and the opportunity it presents for “hands on” learning. Students journal their personal experiences with wildlife and nature, as well as shared group activities.

DINING ROOM experiences where good food blends with a pleasant atmosphere, as well as opportunities for sharing their adventures.

BUILDING CONFIDENCE through challenging recreation opportunities and group activities.