Now Hiring – Program Instructors – APPLICATION

Now Hiring – Cabin Leaders – APPLICATION


Our staff come from all over the country to live onsite and work at Thousand Pines. Our program hosts 5th and 6th grade students from schools in Southern California. We are in operation Monday-Friday each week from September to June. The goal of our program is to help students learn, grow, and experience the outdoors, and we do that by giving students opportunities for hands-on learning in an outdoor setting. We lead hikes, teach science lessons, and also help students develop their self-confidence through a variety of personal challenges such as: archery, team building, climbing wall, group games, night hike, low ropes and other outdoor activities. Staff members have a lot of fun leading things like dance night, campfire stories, skits, songs, and games. When students leave the city and technology to come to the mountains for a few days, it can really be an incredible experience!



Hours: Seasonal/Full Time – September to June – Holiday weeks off (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break)

Pay Rate: Variable – Between $300-$560 per week (based on level of education and weekly responsibilities)

Housing and Meals: Free/provided as part of the job during the workweek – Available on weekends for a nominal fee

Qualifications: Please see the formal job description listed on each application (Main difference: Instructors need a College Degree and Cabin Leaders need a High School Diploma)



 Thank you for your interest in joining the outdoor education team!