Tuesday 5/29

This morning, the students arrived around 11:00am. They were greeted by a cheering staff, and they began meeting their groups and moving into their cabins. The students had their first cabin meetings, and they are now at lunch. Today’s lunch is hamburgers, curly French fries, and sliced oranges. After lunch, the students will practice the emergency drill and take their school photo. After the photo, the students will head out on their scheduled hikes and participate in some team building activities. They will return to their cabins to wash up before dinner. The students will line up at the flagpole, sing songs, and bring down the flag before dinner. It is Taco Tuesday tonight, and that means churros for dessert! This evening, the students are participating in dance night and the opening campfire. Since the weather is so nice, the students will be outside almost all day!

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